{the devil in music}
El Diablo en Musica
El Diablo en Musica was an attempt by a group of rogue individuals in Tucson, AZ to make the most evil, dark, fiendish, diabolical, demonic metal band ever assembled. With the aid of Beelzebub, a crude recording studio comprising of a pair of two track cassette decks, several Shure MB-80 mics, a pound sack of durban feminized sativa, and a make shift inventory of instruments such as florescent orange guitars, primitive drums and pan flutes for a few short months in 1987 this sinful devilish nightmare idea became a reality. Hours were spent at the Dude Ranch Studios recording with a studio engineer in liege with all that is heinous and odious. Recordings were compiled and edited revealing a truly evil masterpieces of metal mayhem. After months of doing the work of the prince of darkness, the band was forced to break up due to the fear of eternal damnation in a fiery hell. The band’s members today are devoted to fighting Satan and all that is evil in an attempt to save their souls after the horrible depravities and evil music that they had performed for those few months in 1987.
Lucifer - vocals, Christ - lead guitar, 
       Able - rhythm guitar, Cain - bass, 
Gog - drums, & Pan - flute

O.K. Here’s the real story of “El Diablo en Musica”

El Diablo en Musica was a short lived but dastardly devilish side project into metal by the band “Useless Pieces of Shit” after their second U.S. tour in the beginning of 1987. The band was being shut out by all of the music clubs & venues in the greater Tucson & Phoenix areas so they decided to start a metal band. Of course they had to take it to far and started a devil worshiping metal band. It was all in good fun and here are the demonic rambling of that unnecessary project by the group of U.P.S. boys.  ROCK ON DUDES!!!Useless_Pieces_of_Shit.htmlUseless_Pieces_of_Shit.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1
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